quiche pie

“Sis, I’m gonna make a quiche to take to our brunch.”

“Oooh… a quiche pie? I love those! Can I help?”

rockin’ the rockin’ knife…

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Your first selfie, sis, with your bestie… after related arts night at school. It makes me a little uneasy how much like drunk college students you two look. 😳

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modern communication 

Big boy, you just got your first email address, and this proud momma got her first email reply from you. (swoon :))

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spring break get-away

We jaunted off to Atlanta for spring break: visited with friends, experienced the Georgia Aquarium at an age where you’ll both remember it (especially the beluga diarrhea), swam (and swam) in the hotel pool, tried (and loved :)) room service and played at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga on a lovely spring Saturday (carousel included). You two are great travelers and have such capacity for adventure. I love journeying with you through this life.

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I’m so proud of you, handsome, for the hard work you put into your expo project on how a monorail could improve Nashville traffic. Additionally, you dressed up and answered the questions of the judges like a pro with adult-level eye contact, poise and effective hand gesturing. Way to go, mister man!  

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brotherly assistance 

Bubs, I was so proud of you tonight. You joyously volunteered to help your sister with her class valentines. 

“You know I like crafts, Mom.”

My sweet man… 

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my baby is 6

Dear Darwin, 

On this day, the sixth anniversary of the day you were gifted to me, I’m thinking about what life would be like without you. And it seems impossible for me to imagine. You’ve come into my life, made me the mother of a daughter and filled my world with such immense joy. From the time you were little bitty, you showed me to slow down, notice things, laugh, sing and dance. You are so full of vibrant energy, playfulness, a little bit of mischief and a whole lot of love.

You are kind and caring.

You are rambunctious and rowdy.

You are fierce and free-spirited.

You are a light in my life, and I am so grateful for you. I wish you nothing but joy and happiness on your sixth birthday, my sweet potato. I love you more than you can know.



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