siren sleepies

Sweet, sleepy babies, as I was tucking you in tonight around 12:15am after spending the last 10-15 minutes in the cobweb covered basement, seeking shelter and safety from tornado warnings and sirens, I offered you reassurances that I'd keep you safe, that I'd listen for more sirens and come get you again, if I needed to.

Sis, you, in your sleepy, low-voice asked me: "What if you don't get us in time?" as you literally fell back to sleep. 😜 Bubs, from the top bunk you just grumbled and said "My stomach is hungry!" 😂

You're both sound asleep again – mere minutes after the hurry and worry. That's some weird, wonderful kind of trust.

I'm so grateful for you two; I love you both so, so much!

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wonder and awe

Nothing says wonder and awe like fireworks. (I’m still not convinced setting fire to something that explodes says freedom though. ;))

Sister, I’m so very relieved that you’ve made your peace with the loud spectacle that is our nation’s annual birthday celebration. Bubs, you and the cousins were reminiscing about Darwin’s come-apart with FL beach fireworks three years ago. That was awful, sis… super miserable.

This year was much more enjoyable for you, although you still watched most of the display with your fingers plugging your ears.

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quiche pie

“Sis, I’m gonna make a quiche to take to our brunch.”

“Oooh… a quiche pie? I love those! Can I help?”

rockin’ the rockin’ knife…

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Your first selfie, sis, with your bestie… after related arts night at school. It makes me a little uneasy how much like drunk college students you two look. 😳

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modern communication 

Big boy, you just got your first email address, and this proud momma got her first email reply from you. (swoon :))

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spring break get-away

We jaunted off to Atlanta for spring break: visited with friends, experienced the Georgia Aquarium at an age where you’ll both remember it (especially the beluga diarrhea), swam (and swam) in the hotel pool, tried (and loved :)) room service and played at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga on a lovely spring Saturday (carousel included). You two are great travelers and have such capacity for adventure. I love journeying with you through this life.

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I’m so proud of you, handsome, for the hard work you put into your expo project on how a monorail could improve Nashville traffic. Additionally, you dressed up and answered the questions of the judges like a pro with adult-level eye contact, poise and effective hand gesturing. Way to go, mister man!  

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