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siren sleepies

Sweet, sleepy babies, as I was tucking you in tonight around 12:15am after spending the last 10-15 minutes in the cobweb covered basement, seeking shelter and safety from tornado warnings and sirens, I offered you reassurances that I'd keep you … Continue reading

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wonder and awe

Nothing says wonder and awe like fireworks. (I’m still not convinced setting fire to something that explodes says freedom though. ;)) Sister, I’m so very relieved that you’ve made your peace with the loud spectacle that is our nation’s annual … Continue reading

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spring break get-away

We jaunted off to Atlanta for spring break: visited with friends, experienced the Georgia Aquarium at an age where you’ll both remember it (especially the beluga diarrhea), swam (and swam) in the hotel pool, tried (and loved :)) room service … Continue reading

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brotherly assistance 

Bubs, I was so proud of you tonight. You joyously volunteered to help your sister with her class valentines.  “You know I like crafts, Mom.” My sweet man… 

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summer vacay

Beach trip with the cousins and Mammy… lots of fun in the sun and a not-so-fun couple of days of a belly bug for you and me, sis. 

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my dream catcher isn’t working 

You woke up twice last night, sis, before I even went to bed, saying you had a bad dream. You felt certain your dreamcatcher wasn’t working anymore. I tucked you back in twice, but apparently that wasn’t enough. The last … Continue reading

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happy mother’s day 

Sweet babies, I heard you a little after 7am, rustling and chatting in a conspiratory way, and I knew you’d awakened your sister, bubs, with a plan to surprise me for Mother’s Day. I lazed in bed and let you … Continue reading

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