siren sleepies

Sweet, sleepy babies, as I was tucking you in tonight around 12:15am after spending the last 10-15 minutes in the cobweb covered basement, seeking shelter and safety from tornado warnings and sirens, I offered you reassurances that I'd keep you safe, that I'd listen for more sirens and come get you again, if I needed to.

Sis, you, in your sleepy, low-voice asked me: "What if you don't get us in time?" as you literally fell back to sleep. 😜 Bubs, from the top bunk you just grumbled and said "My stomach is hungry!" 😂

You're both sound asleep again – mere minutes after the hurry and worry. That's some weird, wonderful kind of trust.

I'm so grateful for you two; I love you both so, so much!

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One Response to siren sleepies

  1. Mammy...Liz guttowsky says:

    So very precious

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