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brotherly assistance 

Bubs, I was so proud of you tonight. You joyously volunteered to help your sister with her class valentines.  “You know I like crafts, Mom.” My sweet man…  Advertisements

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my baby is 6

Dear Darwin,  On this day, the sixth anniversary of the day you were gifted to me, I’m thinking about what life would be like without you. And it seems impossible for me to imagine. You’ve come into my life, made … Continue reading

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modern fairytale

This morning sis, you nonchalantly pointed out that you were charging your wand…

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summer vacay

Beach trip with the cousins and Mammy… lots of fun in the sun and a not-so-fun couple of days of a belly bug for you and me, sis. 

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mom, can I have some…

…poison ivy? 😂 What?!

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my dream catcher isn’t working 

You woke up twice last night, sis, before I even went to bed, saying you had a bad dream. You felt certain your dreamcatcher wasn’t working anymore. I tucked you back in twice, but apparently that wasn’t enough. The last … Continue reading

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happy mother’s day 

Sweet babies, I heard you a little after 7am, rustling and chatting in a conspiratory way, and I knew you’d awakened your sister, bubs, with a plan to surprise me for Mother’s Day. I lazed in bed and let you … Continue reading

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