happy mother’s day 

Sweet babies, I heard you a little after 7am, rustling and chatting in a conspiratory way, and I knew you’d awakened your sister, bubs, with a plan to surprise me for Mother’s Day. I lazed in bed and let you two work your magic. The gift I had requested when I tucked you guys into bed the night before was that we sleep in. You both tried, but your whispers and tiptoes are LOUD. 🙂 I was retrieved around 8 and led downstairs with giggles and electric excitement. I passed through yellow streamers hung at the base of the stairs and emerged to posters placed throughout the house, celebrating me as your mom. It was pure sweetness… even the drawing you finished, sis, on the wall, where your purple crayon slipped off the delicate edge of the paper and onto our newly-painted dining room wall. 🙂 (I gifted myself a magic eraser for Mother’s Day… ;)) and soaked in the wonder and beauty (and chaos :)) of this moment. I’m so grateful to be your momma, sweet potatoes. Thank you.    

  close-up of the whoops crayon maneuver  (above)

 the aftermath… (above and below) 

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One Response to happy mother’s day 

  1. YiaYia says:

    I’ve never seen kids so full of joy in doing for others – they do you so much credit, momma!

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