more than very much 

Each night part of our bedtime routine is for me to use my stern, you-are-in-trouble-now-mister” or “young-lady” voice and say your full names, kiddos. We’ve been doing this for a while after I realized I only said your full name when I was frustrated and you guys were already in serious trouble. The bedtime act goes (ahem. in a stern and ominous voice): “Darwin Elizabeth! I love you very much.”  “Oliver Thomas! I love you very much.” 

Sis, you usually reply: “Mommy ‘topulos, be. quiet. right now!” 

Tonight, bubs, you sweetly said: “I love you more than very much.”

“Awww… buddy, that’s sweet. How much is more than very much?”

“That’s hard. I don’t really have a good word for it.”


“I love you to the furthest planet in the Star Wars Galaxy.”

Works for me. 🙂

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2 Responses to more than very much 

  1. Yiayia says:

    That’s more than pretty far… What a measure! The furthest plant is multiple light years away 🙂

  2. Mammy says:

    That is so precious… Thank you for sharing…. Precious babies

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