“is Cinderella a mom?”

and other quality quotes from a wide eyed, awestruck you at Disney on Ice for girls’ night, sis…

I cried as the show started and watched the excitement on your face. I was flooded with joy and gratitude that I had a little girl to watch something like this with. I have you. At one point not so long ago, I thought I would never know what having a daughter would mean to me. 

You had your princess tiara on, light-up frozen wand in hand (purchased for $5 from a street vendor, rather than the Disney-sanctioned $30 one inside), and sticky fingers from the $12 cotton candy you chose as your treat. Your jaw dropped and your eyes danced, as you watched the skaters and were wowed by their athletic capabilities. The best part, by far, was the rolling commentary you gave throughout the show. Here are the hilarious comments I took note of:

  • Are Mickey and Minnie real? 
  • You were concerned that the fairy godmother from Cinderella would make us disappear. 
  • Can we skate together like that?
  • Is Cinderella a mom?
  • How does he pick her up, because she’s a grownup?
  • That looks like fun!
  • How does that fire burn on the ice?
  • The ice is turning colors! No, Mom, the ice isn’t turning colors. See that light?
  • Momma, Minnie looks BEAUTIFUL!
  • Whoa. That’s a dragon. Is he gonna eat us? No. He’s just a balloon.

You really weren’t ready for it to be over. After the finale, you asked: “Are we leaving? Are we going to do more of this fun stuff?”

We had a fantastic girls’ night, sister, but I would be whitewashing the entire thing, if I didn’t share the exit meltdown. To your credit, there was a lot of STUFF to resist; Disney is a master at marketing to children. You lost it when I wouldn’t let you get a Palace Pets stuffed dog. I was frustrated, consumed by the thought of you feeling entitled and ungrateful on the heels of such a special night. Your Aunt Jates helped me to reframe it; you didn’t want the fun to end, and you wanted a way to take more of the moment with you. I like that lens better, AND I am still very determined not to raise an ungrateful, entitled child. You thanked me profusely after our little chat. 🙂 

I love girls’ night with you, sis!

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One Response to “is Cinderella a mom?”

  1. Liz Guttowsky says:

    Such a wonderful time for both of you. …those are memories that last a life time. …so glad you all had that time together. …love these two princesses very much. …

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