8 years of you 

Dear, Oliver,

I am amazed and grateful regularly that I was gifted you as my son. You gave me the title “momma” and now “mom,” and granted a wish I’d had since I was a very little girl. I always wanted to be a momma, and I wasn’t sure I was going to get to be. Then you came racing into this world 6.5 weeks early and a wee 4.4 pounds. I was scared, but you got steadily stronger. 

I look at you, now 8 years old, and see a tall, skinny, top toothless, eyes sparkling, handsome boy. You are kind and loving. You are intelligent and inquisitive. You are confident and capable. You are warm and generous. I am so very grateful for the young boy you have grown into. 
You are counted among my most treasured blessings. You gave me something I wasn’t sure I would ever get. You changed my life forever and for the better. 
My prayer is that you keep kindness as a way of being toward others and the world always; that you truly work to feel and understand what others feel; that you continue to explore and learn and discover with enthusiasm; that you play and delight and are regularly filled with joy and wonder.
I thank God for this miracle that is my 8-year-old you daily. I love you so much, my little man. Happy birthday. 

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