best part of summer so far

My kiddos, you were absolute rock stars today! You were tough, determined, adventurous and brave, as we hiked 3.2 miles in and out of a gorge to Cummins Falls. And you both LOVED it! Oliver, you commented that this was the best activity of summer break so far. (Sweet! That exceeded my expectations. :)) 

You each hiked without complaining, played in and behind the waterfall, slid off a moss-covered ledge and jumped from a 6-foot cliff into the water. Perhaps, most impressively, you both hiked back out without complaining. 

Sis, you absolutely had to go poop on the trail where there was nowhere we could get more than a few feet from the water’s edge. I crouched beside you to shield you from the steady stream of hikers, and you pooped into a Kroger bag. I was not too happy about the smell of poop wafting my way periodically for the rest of the exit hike. 

At some point, buddy, you said: “Something stinks. It smells like poop.”

“That’d be your sister’s poop I’m carrying on my back.”

It was a beautiful spot (shared with hundreds of others) and a great adventure. I’m so very proud of you both. We’ve got lots of nature and wilderness fun in our future! 

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2 Responses to best part of summer so far

  1. jamie says:

    Sweet! A perfect day and kudos to all of you! That is no beginner hike, but oh so worth it!!

  2. liz guttowsky says:

    So glad they liked it.they are little troopers that’s for sure. so glad that they like it the outdoors because you like it so much. Makes for a wonderful time

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