elves faire

There’s a very real possibility you two would’ve been brought up in the Waldorf tradition if the Linden school had stayed on the East side. I love the pedagogy’s reverence for nature and daily outside time, no matter the weather. I admire the “they’ll learn it when they’re ready” awareness of child development in reading. I love the emphasis on hand arts like knitting, felting and candle and book making.

There are aspects that seem dogmatic and cultish: no technology and only use these 5 colors until grade 4, but the real clincher is that our neighborhood and community is all the way across town from the Waldorf school. We love our neighborhood, and I can’t imagine investing so much time somewhere else. So we make the Elves Faire (their annual festival and fundraiser) a do-not-miss event on our calendar. Highlights include archery, climbing Jacob’s ladder to ring the bell, fairies sprinkling winter blessings, wand making, nature play and the most popular Angel Room, where you guys get to go in and shop without me. And for 3 years running now, Oliver, you’ve come out with a tissue paper-wrapped birthday gift for me. You shared that excitement and tradition with your sister this year and guided her on the solo wind through the shop decorated warmly with draped fabric and white lights.

Sister, you chose a fabric ring and a painted wooden fairy momma, kiddo and toadstool set. For me… and I love it.

Bubs, you were an encouraging big brother and a rationer of tickets; you only wanted to get one thing for 2 tickets. You chose beautifully: a lovely felted top box with a bed of orange wool, a little acorn fairy and two dragon’s tears glass beads. I love it, and I love you both so much. IMG_1894.JPG





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One Response to elves faire

  1. Liz Guttowsky says:

    You are such a fun mom.. the kids will remember this forever

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