pumpkin carving

Ms. Julie at Eastwood told us about the $.99 pumpkins at Aldi’s, so after we picked you up, brother, we all three headed to get a great deal on pumpkins. We three had already taken our seasonal, traditional trip to the Nashville farmers market to pick ours out (to the tune of $3 to $5 each), but I thought it would be a good idea to get one for each of my classes, so we loaded 30 pumpkins into what was quickly dubbed “the pumpkin-mobile.”

We were a sight!IMG_1341.JPG

IMG_1342.JPGYou both jumped in enthusiastically for… about… six minutes, then I was left with the task of scooping and carving solo while you two danced and jumped off the porch and giggled. It was chilly and crisp and perfect.IMG_1348.JPG

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