big kid report card

This is your very first report card with letter grades! How did we get here so quickly, bug-a-doodle? I am so proud that you enjoy school as much as you do and that it shows up in the quality of your work and your enthusiasm for learning new things. My hope for you, sweet man, is that your spark, your curiosity, and your interest continues throughout your life and that you always love to learn new things.

I’m proud of you, Mr. Potato – not because these are all A’s (although I suppose it’s easy to say that, because they are) – but rather, because you are an enthusiastic, eager, bright student. You put a lot of yourself into your time at school, and it just so happens to show in your reports. Keep up the good work! I’m proud of the young man you are growing into.


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One Response to big kid report card

  1. Liz Guttowsky says:

    I am so proud of you and this great report card…..good job…..I love you

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