When will I learn not to have them? I was so excited–too excited–for the long Thanksgiving break to begin, and this morning you guys were horrors. HORRORS! Sis, you couldn’t keep your hands off your brother, and screaming was your preferred method of communication. Bubba, you apparently had no resources at your disposal to intervene on your own behalf… without using physical force. There was yelling and screaming… and that was just me.

Whew. Dialing down my expectations for the rest of the holiday. Divide and conquer is the parenting approach we are employing for the rest of this morning. Thank you, Daddy, for seeing through the storm that was the beginning of this extended weekend. Thankful for you…

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One Response to expectations

  1. mammy says:

    One day you will look back and say….those were the good ole days….

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