You and I were quarantined for most of last week, sis. It started with you crying at playgroup at K’s house that you wanted more ‘wing (to swing more). You fussed all the way home and were rather inconsolable throughout bath–unusual.

Then you threw up. (da da da dum!) For the next thirty hours you threw up a couple more times and had a fever that hovered around 102. You were kinda sweet and pitiful.

We looked like this on the couch for much of that time:


And then–just like that–it was gone. I still gave you milk and meals cautiously for the next day or so, but by Friday we ventured out to return the school pants that were too short for your brother, to score you two some more Crocs and to ride a horsie.


Bonus ride: school bus with your pal Arthur. You looked like you couldn’t have been more excited to see him.


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