first ever…

…movie in a movie theatre: Monsters University. You were a little nervous about tackling this first on your own, so we wrangled transportation and childcare, so I could go to the matinee with you, buddy. Truth be told, I wanted to be there for it too. It won’t be too long before you won’t want me there anymore.

About four minutes into the movie, something loud and suspenseful happened, and you were in my lap… where you stayed for the duration. You did pretty well. When things got tense on screen, you started asking why questions, trying to figure out what might happen before it scared you. Sweetness. When it got too loud, you wrapped Sleepy even tighter around your face and buried your head into me. It was momma bliss.

Your assessment of the movie? “I liked it, but why did it have to be SO loud?” I feel ya, buddy.


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