mostly rainbows

After I picked you up from school on the half day before winter break, we grabbed a ‘dog at I Dream of Weenie and snagged a Jack and Annie book at Fairytales. We had a nice couple of hours together–just you and me, a rare occurrence these days. I’m trying to create these times for each of you where you feel special, a tricky thing to manage as a momma of two.

On the way home, in an effort to kill time while Ms. Julia put Darwin down for a nap, we went into the Eclectic boutique across the street. As the shop manager told us about the couple who owned the shop and how all the art was local, you walked into the conversation with confidence and offered:

“Well, you know, I’m an artist.”

The shop keeper seemed interested: “Oh. What do you like to do?”

You so matter-of-factly replied: “Rainbows mostly.”

Man, I love your confidence and flare! I love that you are an artist and a gardener and that you know kung fu after watching a Karate Kid movie. I hope you’ll hang onto these confidences as you grow older and as the world tries to convince you you’re not these things.

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One Response to mostly rainbows

  1. that is my boy….I am so glad he has the confidence that he has……love you my boy….Mammy

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