nadia comaneci!

You are already a skilled climber and acrobat, lil miss. Several weeks ago I was making dinner when your brother ran into the kitchen and announced: “Mom, Darwin is climbing on the tay…” Thump! Before Oliver could finish the sentence, you’d fallen face-first onto the hardwood of the dining room floor. You had climbed up your highchair and were apparently trying to traverse to the table. An eye tooth cut into your upper lip… on the other side; you’d popped the opposite side the day before, falling off the stool in the kitchen on your way to the island counter. Whew. I’m pretty sure the emergency room is in our near future with you, my lil daredevil.

In an effort to channel this fearlessness into a healthy and safer outlet, I
jumped at a chance to take you to the open play for toddlers at the new gymnastics training center. You. Loved. It. Summer Olympics 2024, here we come!





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