That’s right: Kurdistan… with kids! Daddy and I embarked on this trip with you two wondering if we were adventurous or crazy! Since we got back with no major injury or sickness and are already–one hard day of travel back to Cyprus later–reveling in the memories, I’d say it was adventurous with just a dusting of crazy.

You two were, by and large, troopers: eating new foods, having your cheeks pinched by adoring Kurds who thought you two looked like the offspring of the beloved George Bush (blech), sleeping and eating on floors, learning new customs, surrounded by new a language.

Daddy and I questioned at several points (when one or both of you were being grouchy or unreasonable): “Who travels at all, much less to Kurdistan, with two kids?!”

We also had moments of sheer joy watching you hike your first waterfall or ride your first amusement park ride. There were times when we were filled with pride at how you both got into “travel mode” and made the best of a long car ride or a super late dinner. Even if it was hard (and it definitely was!) and even though we have a LOT of reconditioning to do (cut back on “treats” and “shows”), I’m so happy we decided to go on this adventure together as a family.

And after the news today (6.13.12) of multiple car bombings, 62 deaths and over 200 injuries in central Iraq, I’m especially grateful we’re safe and outta there.
















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One Response to kurdistan

  1. YiaYia says:

    What a wonderful post, Momma! And what lucky kids to be given such a friendly opportunity to experience how different cultures adjust daily living to circumstance and environment. Sleeping on the floor, strange foods, games made with stones … I hope you always treasure the memories these pictures evoke!

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