“lolli” lifesaver

Many things that we’d never let fly at home have happened on our travels–lots of them in the car to help us all survive these longer road trips than you two are fans of. Oliver, you’ve watched Cars 2 and Toy Story countless times, eaten junk food, ridden without a booster seat and slept like a rock–your lanky, skinny body strewn over on the backseat.

Darwin, you’ve been asked to regress and ride in a baby seat facing backwards, ridden in Kurdistan with NO carseat at all, fallen asleep without a peep, screamed off and on for hours (hours!), snacked on your own and relied on brother to hand you things and attempt to meet your needs. It’s been crazy!

As we’ve traveled from country to country, you kids have been treated like rock stars–given treats in stores and homes, had your pictures taken with total strangers (Dohuk and Zakho), been waved to and had cheeks pinched. We stumbled upon a bit of a car ride life saver when you guys were given lollipops. They work really well to shut you both up! We’ve even perfected the tool a little, discovering that the round ones work best as you can’t bite them, D… so they last longer.

I’m sure many of the things we’ve given in to while traveling will fall away and go back to normal when we get home–especially the use of car seats–but the lollipop trick for longer trips might just stick.

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