date night interruptus

Our little sweet potato, you woke up from both naps today horror-stricken and covered in vomit. It was your first (and second) time to throw up, and you were terrified. We quickly plopped you in the bath each time. (Two baths in one day for a kiddo whose lucky to get one bath some weeks!) Each time you immediately acted FINE–playing inside and out, eating, jabbering and tottering.

Daddy had planned to take me to the Bluebird to see Tracey Grammer on writers’ night, but I couldn’t have relaxed knowing my sick baby might need me. As of 10:33pm, you haven’t needed us and have been sleeping soundly. Even still, I’d choose to stay with you again… if given the chance. It felt like the right parent move. A sick baby needs her momma. Sleep well, lil bug.

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One Response to date night interruptus

  1. YiaYia says:

    Poor little one! It’s really awful to be sick in bed. So nice of Momma to stay home with you ♥. I hope she gets to go to the Bluebird some other night.

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