the up(at night)date

Well, I’ve been told as long as I nurse you at night, you’ll get up at night. Makes sense. Last night you were up at 11:44pm and 4:32am. Ugh.

Three things are making me want to keep going though:
1) I’ve wanted to nurse a baby this easily SOOO badly that I feel I should put up with the no sleep, since you, lil suckler, have been an answer to prayers.
2) I’m not saying you need it, but I swear you’re getting half your calories at night. You really mean business at 4am!
3) You’re the last baby we’re having, so this is the last time I’ll ever nurse. I’m trying to savor it; it’ll be gone too soon.

So, for now, we are creeping upon your one year birthday and multiple night wakings/feedings. And that’s just the way it is. For now.

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