ergo wearing

Your naps and night times have been all off, sweet potato. Your daddy and I marveled with your brother too… at the phenomenon of illness in babies. You were on the cusp of sleeping through the night unassisted, then… BAM! Sickness. And we baby and coddle you, because you’re so pitiful and because you’re too stuffy to sleep lying down. And you backslide. Night times are miserable again.

Your naps were crummy today too. I had to wake you up from the one good one in order to pick up your brother from school, so you’re now napping on me in the ergo. The up side of that is a relatively untested theory that you’ll want to see me less in the wee hours if you’ve spent this kind of cuddly time on me during the day. Fingers crossed.

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One Response to ergo wearing

  1. YiaYia says:

    My fingers are crossed too. Stuffy-nosed little tykes are one of the most pitiable ever – for both the little tyke, who doesnt understand, and for the helpless parents.

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