As a last hurrah before school started, you and I had a just-Momma-and-Oliver day at the Adventure Science Center, complete with a visit to the gift shop for a little something souvenir-like to take home. After great deliberation of EVERYthing in the space, you decided on a handy-dandy carrying case of six baby dinosaurs. Later at your lunch spot choice–Wild Cow’s house (as you call it), we were playing with your new dinosaurs. I was naming the ones I knew: stegosaurus, triceratops, brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex… (Thank you, Land Before Time!)

“I don’t know those two, buddy.”

Ever problem solving, you looked underneath, on its belly, thinking, sweetly, ALL toys are named in Thomas the Tank Engine fashion and said, “Here’s its name, Mom.”

Its name: China.

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