city bus adventure

In this summer’s heat and humidity I risk a visit from DCS by posting this tale of our adventurous trip from East Nashville into downtown with four kids under the age of four and via MTA. Am I crazy?! Perhaps, but we did it with an equally crazy and adventurous friend and her two similarly-aged boys.

The trip started off with you being a little overtired and cranky, Miss Darwinaki. And Mr. Man, well, I don’t think you could possibly have been more excited. After a pretty sweaty walk of one block, a 20 minute wait in the borrowed shade of a neighbor’s tree and $1.65, we were on our way!

The ride was easy–effortless, almost. Big kid, you were entertained with a friend and fun, and lil sis, there was no screaming in the car seat… because there was no car seat! Woohoo! You rode hitched to me in the ergo and slept most of the wait and ride there.

We had fun! It was a successful adventure, and we’ll definitely do it again come fall and cooler temps. I cannot, however, imagine having to accomplish everything by bus, especially in this town and with kiddos in tow. My heart goes out to those mommas who have to.


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