blazing trails

You are often so strong-willed and certain, Mr. Man, that I sometimes forget how sweet, innocent and vulnerable you often really are. The three of us–you, sister and I–went to Beaman Park this week for a MOMS Club outing. We were the only ones who arrived at 9am, so before the oppressive heat set in for the day, we decided to hike the Creekside trail.

You were very excited to “read” the sign at the trailhead that talked all about the plants and animals that can be found in the 1600+ wild acres of Beaman Park. Just past the park map, the shady trail narrowed and went to a single track, coincident with your hesitation and insistence that I hold your hand–not an easy thing to do while wearing your sister in the ergo. After a meandering line of questions to get at your intense trepidation, you shared that you were afraid of snakes. Deeper conversation revealed that you were under the impression that if the picture of the snake was on the trailhead park info sign, then the snake was sure to be on the trail–not at all an illogical conclusion, sweet boy! 🙂 I explained that the sign meant you might see these things, that they lived in the park somewhere, but that there was no guarantee. Your indignation at being robbed of the full park experience quieted as we played with friends in the wide, shallow creek and snacked in the shade along the bank.

As we drove home, our chit-chat quickly revealed you’d notquite grasped the concept of the park wildlife sign. You said you weren’t ready to leave and expressed strong (as in “we-should-write-a-strongly-worded-letter” strong) disappointment that you hadn’t seen an owl or a bat yet. Hilarious!


“You are not scared either; right, Mommy?”

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One Response to blazing trails

  1. YiaYia says:

    Oliver, I know just how you feel! And it’s so nice of you to show Mommy and Sis that everything is OK.

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