up, up and away

It’s 5:41 in the morning on the west coast, and I’m sitting in the dark corner of my shared hotel room… pumping. I’m away from you babies for the first time since you were born, sis. I’m elated and lonely. I’m focused and distracted… as though I’ve forgotten something. And I have! My babies.

I had the most sleep I’ve had in many months–delicious, energizing sleep. And I woke up engorged, sore and leaking.

With the steady rhythm of the pump in the background (ge-gaw, ge-gaw, ge-gaw), I wonder what’s going in in your time zone, family.

I’m grateful to be able to focus on Plant the Seed and collaborate with stakeholders in a real way for the first time since it’s inception. I’m grateful for some distance to grow fondness. I miss you all so much I ache. Sending my love cross-country to you, my family… (mwah! :))

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