no beginning

I honestly don’t know where to begin. I had grand designs of introducing this blog–one written to both you kiddos–to the family conversation in some formal, ceremonial way. In a way that might hint at how filled to overflowing I feel with the arrival of you, Darwin Elizabeth, into our family. The night before I went in for a scheduled c-section, Daddy and I made a big deal of how this family of three was going to grow into a family of four. And so we have. With practice and patience… and chaos and comforts… with challenges that test this momma and joys so indescribable… well, they are simply that: so indescribable. Momma and Daddy are blessed to have you two beautiful souls in our lives. So. Very. Blessed.


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4 Responses to no beginning

  1. jamielen says:

    Love it! So proud of you and Steve and your growing family! Love both of those little nuggets!

  2. YiaYia says:

    Oh, I was so privileged to be there! I was there when our favorite family of three became a beautiful family of four… It was such a wonderful moment when all the hopes and dreams held by so many and prayed for so long, came to be on one perfect day … a family growing in the warmth of love’s smile.

    And Oliver, you responded so magically, welcoming your little sister as only a loving big brother can. I know that Darwin will always be a light in your life, just as you will always shine a beautiful light in hers.

    YiaYia and Papou love you all so very much.

  3. Mammy says:

    I am so proud to be the Mammy of you two…..Darwin, Mammy is so proud that you share my name…..I look forward to watching you both grow up and love life in such a beautiful way…..Mammy loves you both….

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